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I’ve learned through a quarter century of trading that the stock market always does what the fewest people expect. Just a handful of so-called “experts” ever get market predictions right.

Take for instance the 2016 Election. Market pundits tripped over one another getting in front of a camera to boldly predict a market meltdown of epic proportions, only to watch a draw dropping year-long buying spree.

The fact is stocks go up when stock market prognosticators are most negative, and fall when they are predicting blue skies and rainbows.

That’s why they can’t understand this never ending march higher for U.S. stocks, right in the face of all kinds of negative press, a severely divided nation, a main stream media trying its best to oust a duly elected President, and troubles the world over that we are being warned could ignite World War III at the drop of a tweet.

But we just keep going higher.

When will we finally get our long overdue correction? When everyone stops worrying. When the great majority of Wall Street articles are positive. When the main stream media is thinking happy thoughts, and there seems to be not a care in the stock market world.

Until then, we will keep climbing this wall of worry to all-time highs.

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