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As traders dine at the banquet feast ushering in our New Year, the stock market doth proceed to bestow abundant bounty to its guests, dilly dilly.

Stock after stock steps up to the throne bearing gifts to his majesty, the Duke of Wall Street, dilly dilly.

Technology, healthcare, transports, energy, financials, metals, retail, all come brightly adorned in their very finest on this most special occasion, dilly dilly.

The only sector that appears to have been unfortunately ushered below the dining room for a tour of the pit of misery is the poor utility sector. Otherwise, everyone finds favor in the sight of the crown, dilly dilly.

Yes, the holiday has drawn to a close and dawn doth break on a New Year. And yet there remains no signs of revelers withdrawing from this feast, dilly dilly.

So dear friends, until we see gesticulation of food or drink expiring, we shall remain for a while longer, enjoying the good graces of his majesty, King Wall Street, gorging ourselves on his most kind and bountiful generosity, dilly dilly.

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