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Most of the subscribers to the Good Life Newsletter don’t actually know what we do here at Good Life Asset Strategies. Good Life operates proprietary trading strategies for high net worth individuals and institutions in separately managed accounts. What makes us unique and sets us apart from other stock market traders is that we offer growth strategies that look at risk first and foremost. My experience after 25 years in the stock market is that if you can learn to manage downside risk, growth has a chance to follow.

Launched in January, 2015, The Good Life Active Growth Program is our top proprietary trading strategy. The Active Growth Program is a long/short equity strategy with an option writing overlay. It’s the combination of my long/short equity strategy I developed in 2002, along with my option writing strategy I developed in 2005. The Program seeks growth with limited downside risk. We believe it’s an excellent niche strategy for astute investors seeking diversification in their stock portfolios.

We believe in transparency by showing our performance so potential clients can make informed decisions. We use Theta Research, a third-party performance verification company that tracks and publishes professional traders’ performances. At the close of the third year of operation, the Good Life Active Aggressive Growth Program ranked 13th out of the 79 strategies being tracked by Theta Research. But more importantly to us, and hopefully to those of you who would like to grow your money but are risk averse, our Program had lower drawdowns (peak to trough drops in a trading account) than the twelve strategies that beat us in growth. Growth with less risk.

If you would like to learn more about the Good Life Active Growth Program to see if it might be a good fit for your investment objectives, feel free to call or email for a no-obligation consultation or to request our marketing deck or DDQ.

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