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The U.S. stock market is in a holding pattern in front of our stormy election between a man who can’t get out of the way of his own ego and a woman who lies only when she opens her mouth.  Alcohol and prescription drug manufacturers have got to be making a killing.  Thank goodness for Netflix and football season. 

We would offer some hope that this madness will end come next Tuesday, but in this election we can’t be for sure.  We find it interesting that political experts and insiders have beat into our brains that Hillary would be crowned queen in a runaway route, but with just a few days to go that crown appears to be up for grabs.  Could it be possible that alleged felons like Julian Assange and “Carlos Danger” could ultimately bring the Clinton machine down? Stay tuned, and pass the Xanax. 

As for the stock market, there are also some so called experts predicting the stock market will crash if The Donald is elected.  Just note these are some of the same geniuses who pounded the table that the stock market would crash if the Brits voted to leave the European Union, and we know how that went.  The truth is no one has a clue what the outcome of the election will be, or what effect it will have on our stock market, if any.  All we know is it will hopefully be over soon so we can finally begin to talk ad nauseam about the upcoming 2020 race just four short years away. 

At Good Life we will wait for the vote, along with the initial knee-jerk market reaction sure to follow.  We believe that within a few days the market should tip its hand to the direction it really wants to go into the close of the year.  We are compiling our Plan A Wish List of securities that have been acting well during this holding pattern, just in case the market wants to gift us a Santa Claus rally.  But this has been anything but a normal year for stocks and elections, so our List could change as fast as the latest Presidential Poll.  The way things are going this year we are also preparing a Plan B. 

And C. 

And D. 

No doubt the Presidential storm will lift and this four month stock market holding pattern will come to an end.  Until then we would encourage you to stay in your seat with your seat belt fastened, your tray table in the upright and locked position, bags stowed underneath your seat.  Our gut says when we finally get clearance, we could be in for quite a ride.  Until then, where’s the drink cart?