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As we move into the early part of summer and the last race of the Triple Crown season, we are beginning to see signs of a U.S. stock market that may want to move higher.

After all, it’s been almost four months since the February 9th low. That should be about long enough to finally call it the low. We believe the conditions may be ripe for a pretty nice payout if you can pick the right horses.

At Good Life we are placing our bets on the favorites. Small caps and tech- especially the FAANGs- have bolted from the gate the past couple of months, followed closely by healthcare and real estate.

Transports and retail may be longshots, but recently several of them have been turning some heads. We would definitely not be wagering any money with the financials or emerging markets, as they have been running well off the pace and may be injured.

So before you walk up to the window and place your bets, we would urge you to carefully study the horses, because the field couldn’t be more diverse. Your path to the winners circle this summer will all depend on your ability to pick individual winners.

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