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The Fed stops QE, reduces bond purchases, raises interest rates, signals more to come, and yada yada yada, the market goes higher.

The Brits vote to leave the European Union, our stock market tanks for a couple of days, the prime minister resigns, Brussels throws a fit, it could be the beginning of end for the EU, and yada yada yada, our stock market makes record highs.

Hillary is careless, the DNC gets hacked, the main stream media plays favorites, a billionaire businessman becomes President, the elites’ hair catches fire, everyone says the stock market will surely crash, and yada yada yada the stock market explodes higher.

Assad kills his own people, Russia stands by him, we blow up one of Assad’s chemical plants, and yada yada yada, stocks keep climbing.

The Iranians aren’t holding up their end of a horrible bargain, they may have nukes pretty soon, Saudi Arabia finally wakes up to the fact their neighbor isn’t playing nice, Israel is on edge, and yada yada yada, pop goes the stock market.

North Korea threatens to bomb everyone, China lines up 250,000 soldiers along their border, we send a ship to the region and put everyone on alert this could get real ugly real fast, and yada yada yada the stock market is the only thing that explodes.

Fake news, Obama-care, Trump-care, building The Wall, tax reform, Berkeley riots, and yada yada yada the U.S. stock market keeps pushing higher.

The second longest bull market in history has everyone yawning. Investors are passively buying and holding stocks more than ever. Volatility is at all-time lows while the world seems to be falling apart. It’s almost boring. No matter what the world throws Wall Street’s way, nothing wants to stick to this Teflon stock market. It just grinds higher.

There’s no reason to fight it. Everything except oil wants higher. And until we see the first signs of that changing, we say yada yada yada enjoy the bull-run.