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Our Expertise

Good Life's expertise is growing portfolios while managing risk. We operate proven strategies on your behalf, providing you with enhance returns and little drawdown. We actively manage all accounts, controlling client risk by exiting markets during bearish phases.

Portfolio Management

We specialize in managing the growth portion of high net worth individual and institution's portfolios. Our objective is to grow your portfolio within your needs, goals, and comfort level, actively managing to minimize risk at all times.

We are proactive money managers, meaning we are diligent in managing your portfolio. We actively strive to keep your capital safe from devastating effects of the inevitable bear markets.

The fees for our management services are based on the total assets under management. Fees are payable at the close of each quarter after services are rendered. Call or email for our fee schedule.

At Good Life we work for you and only you. It's our duty and our pledge to place your interests above all others, no matter the circumstances. We don't receive any compensation for buying or selling securities, choosing a particular security, recommending brokers or custodians, or for meeting performance targets. We want you to have the peace of mind that there are no conflicts of interest in always doing the right thing for you.


Active Management

At Good Life Asset Strategies, we actively manage every account that is in our care. Active management means actively and diligently working to keep your assets safe during the inevitable bearish phases.

It’s not the times when the market is going up that we believe you most need an investment advisor. It is during times of uncertainty and panic when you need an experienced professional who acts in your best interest to keep your assets safe. We don’t believe in telling you to hang in there or that your investment will eventually come back. Soothing words won’t stop the bleeding in your portfolio. Decisive action at critical times stops hemorrhaging before small losses become losses that can have devastating effects on your portfolio. At Good Life, we are serious about actively managing your account, especially during those times when you need it most.

When it comes to trade frequency, we believe less is more. We believe in making fewer trades rather than more when possible. Trade quality is more important than trade quantity. We submit that at times making no trade may be the best trade for you.